Gum without aspartame exists!

Piece of gum without aspartameYou’re at the supermarket, maybe the gas station. Like the vicious T-Rex who gave up jerky for Lent, you need something minty to chew. You eye a parcel of this modern kind of chewing gum – the packaging looks kind of like quantum physics and supernovas and jet fuel. Glancing at the ingredients list, you find all of those very things in the gum itself. Naturally, you purchase it.

Later on, after the supernovas have passed, the stars have finally left your eyes, the cosmic pinball game has ended, you think….Golly, there must be a better way. Could there be a different kind of gum? A chewing substance with fewer unpronounceables and less space-age science? A more-natural nugget of non-atomic bliss? Yes! In fact, gum without aspartame is here!

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