Sugar free, sweetened with Xylitol
Comes in packs of 12 pieces.
Gum made in the USA.Gum made in the USA.


Happy Parisian girl showing the paragraph.Cool Mint Freshness + Pomegranate – Now look, it’s not that anyone’s trying to be a curmudgeon. Vitacare has a lot of style. And when you chew this gum, you’ll get vitamins. However; why would a person want to mix pomegranates with cool mint? It’s like your suburban neighbor saying, “Hey, I had this nice garden, and I thought — what the heck, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few porcupines milling around?” Of course, if you, dear reader, enjoy such Ibizan mash-ups of fruit and mint, you may well enjoy the flavor. The real difficulty with this gum is that it doesn’t hold itself together very well: sturdiness is low. Vitacare can do better, though, so this is a challenge. After a brief reformulation of sturdiness, and flavor maybe, this gum could be top notch — it already says no to animal testing and yes to vitamins, so it’s on the way to greatness.

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2/5 - Gum Without Aspartame

Available in: Cool Mint+Acai, Cool Mint+Key Lime, Cool Mint+Pomegranate, Cool Mint+Chia Mint

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