Sugar free, sweetened with Xylitol
Comes in 15-piece flip-up tin or 60 piece round tin.

Security Badge for Zylicious TinSturdiness Badge in Gum Without AspartameReview:

Cinnamon – These little Zylicious pillows are very good. If this company made actual pillows, they would be among the best tasting. Flavor bursts forth with spicy cinnamon gusto, then quickly settles into a subtle cinnamon sense. This is what you call Sturdy Gum, which you can chew for hours before it falls apart. Sturdiness is of course a big deal in the gum without aspartame world. Gargantuan corporate dragons can make sturdy gum easily of course, with just a flick of the giant illuminati world-remote-control, but it takes a certain amount of chutzpah for the little guys to step up to the sturdiness plate. Zylicious is quite sturdy.

The 15-piece flip-up tin is perfect for transport when you need your gum kept secure from wolves, coyotes or jackals. That’s how Stegosaurus does it.

Rhinoceros Count:

4/5 - Gum Without Aspartame

Available in: Peppermint, Cinnamon, Spearmint

Official site: funfreshfoods.com

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