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Privacy does not collect information in order to identify you personally. uses ‘Jetpack Stats’ which sets a cookie in your web browser and collects anonymous data regarding traffic to this web site. Most web sites use similar statistics software, and this information will be used to observe the amount and type of traffic getting to the site over time. If you are logged-in to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), they may be able to track you across sites that use their sharing buttons, including this site. If you make use of the social sharing functions (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), you may be operating under the Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy of the applicable social sharing network. If you are concerned about cookies, your browser may contain a “do not track” feature to remedy your concern. Open the ‘Preferences’ menu in your web browser, or web-search the subject to find out more. If you’re tired of being watched by ad networks, visit the Network Advertising Initiative here.

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