What is this…this xylitol??

Graceful woman plays kettle drums.Xylitol is the graceful gazelle of non-sugar sweeteners. It’s found in fruits, vegetables and even the human body. A sugar alcohol by trade, a diabetes-safe alternative to sugar by day, a cavity prevention private-i by moonlight. Plaque bacteria can’t get a hold on xylitol, see, so there’s not much for those little rascals to feed on. This provides several amenities like keeping breath fresh and keeping cavity-drilling acid at bay. Tastes sweet, but actually helps protect your teeth instead of trojan horsing them. If that’s not enough, xylitol doesn’t infuse your mouth with a megaton paroxysm of sick sweetness. It’s more like the cool older brother who casually drops by in a pink Cadillac asking if you want to check out the latest old French existentialist movie. Or whatever the cool people are into these days. Point is, it’s breezy and kind like the the crisp, flannel Fall air. Don’t try to bake bread with it, though, since yeast is a fungus and xylitol is too cool to even talk to yeast. And don’t give it to your dog, because your dog will get very sick. What you should definitely do, though, is chew xylitol in gum form – most of the best gum without aspartame keeps company with xylitol because it’s so darn cool. Who knows, your breath might get fresher, your enamel might get a chance to rebuild itself, and you might find yourself cavity-free at the next trip to the teeth people.

People who don’t like to read: Helps protect teeth, diabetes safe, low glycemic index, low calorie, never feed it to dogs, found in fruits/vegetables, not sickeningly sweet, found in gum without aspartame!

People who really like to read: Read better at xylitol.org, wikipedia.org and cda.org for a thorough and intelligent discourse.